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Glass And Glazing

Our Glass And Glazing Services

Heritage Glass and glazing go hand-in-hand with traditional bespoke joinery.

Specialists In Glass And Glazing

Glass and glazing go hand-in-hand with traditional bespoke joinery. No wonder an important part of our joinery workshop output takes the form of glazed interior and exterior doors and doorsets, casement windows and, of course, timber sliding sash windows.

We offer a wide range of glazing options for new joinery as well as joinery repairs, restoration and refurbishment of residential and commercial glazing:

  • Single glazing
  • Double glazing
  • Low-e glass
  • Acoustic glazing
  • Tinted glass
  • Obscured privacy glass

We craft wood, finish it beautifully and fit the glazing that matches your requirements; you (or your customer) enjoy the results…

More about joinery glazing

Glazing is often involved with the bespoke joinery work we do at our Newton Abbot workshop or on-site for customers – often working with our sister company, an experienced property maintenance and refurbishment business.

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Joinery refurbishment

We regularly reglaze windows and doors during our joinery refurbishment work. This could involve single-glazed casement, timber sliding sashes, doors and door side panels.

In particular, if single glazing is found to be cracked while refurbishing a single-glazed timber sash window, we’ll advise on suitable replacement glass along with repairs to sills, rails, parting and staff beads, installation of draught proofing brushes and hardware servicing. Whether for sashes or casement windows, reglazing could be on a like for like basis or with a change to a different glazing type (such as textured privacy glass) for one of the sashes.

Double-glazing upgrades

For casements and sliding sash windows alike, modern slim line glazing units make it increasingly straightforward to upgrade single glazing with quiet, thermally efficient, more secure double glazing. Combining the latest A-rated double glazing with modern hardware and upgraded security is a popular option – even in conservation areas or for Grade I and Grade II listed buildings where it’s a requirement to retain the elegant profile and character of the original fenestration.

Wherever it’s technically viable and cost-effective to do so, we’ll always repair or restore as much of the existing window structure as we can – while making required glazing upgrades and, of course, retaining the window or door’s character.

New window and door joinery

Sometimes, repair or restoration of windows and doors isn’t possible. In that case, we have all the skills and facilities to design, handcraft and glaze complete new windows and frames, sash and box sets or doorsets.

Of course, we can also design, make, glaze and finish new joinery for other applications, including new-build residential and commercial property. Our supply options for glazed joinery include the following:

  • Supply only (to your measurements)
  • Measurement and supply
  • Supply and fit
  • Supply and fit + creation of opening(s)

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Let’s see how our knowledge of glass and glazing can help with your new window and door joinery – or a repair, restoration or refurbishment project.