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Hardware And Ironmongery

Our Hardware And Ironmongery Services

The carefully selected finishing touch to your bespoke joinery

Specialists In Hardware And Ironmongers

Whether it’s a single casement window, a striking timber gate, or an exquisite custom-built conservatory lantern, we put time, skill and experience into painstakingly handcrafting your joinery. Rest assured that we won’t allow a poor hardware choice to spoil the finished result.

All that effort can so easily be undermined by compromising on the hardware and ironmongery fitted to your door, window or other bespoke joinery.

That’s why, from sash pulleys to all the furniture needed to equip complete doorsets, we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of options. And having the right experience and knowledge to recommend suitable hardware for your project.

We craft wood, finish it beautifully and fit the perfect hardware or ironmongery; you (or your customer) enjoy the results…

More about joinery hardware

Of course, the basic functionality of your door or window hardware is important – what use is a window stay or a rising butt hinge that doesn’t work properly?
However, there’s more to choosing the right hardware or ironmongery for your joinery. For instance, on a premium project, under-specification will inevitably compromise the overall quality. Why would you spend pennies on budget hardware when you’re investing hundreds or thousands of pounds in luxury bespoke joinery?

Equally, what’s the point in over-speccing high-finish fittings on joinery that’s rarely seen or only fulfils the most utilitarian role?

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Matching hardware to architectural style

Then there’s the vital matter of matching hardware to a specific architectural type or a particular period. Although there are exceptions (we can help with those too), modern aesthetics will probably look out of place on a strictly-controlled window replacement for a listed Georgian or Victorian property. Equally, character-packed traditional fixtures such as curly tail window fasteners will look out of place at the cutting edge of big-budget modernist home design.

Modern tech and heritage style

The exceptions? What about applications where we can discreetly integrate modern developments in joinery products that faithfully replicate heritage joinery. For example, with our slim line double-glazed timber sash windows for properties in conservation areas? In this case, modern, carefully-specified, high-security locking is a sensible improvement on the insecure single-point central sash catches of two centuries ago – especially when we can integrate it discreetly.

The right joinery hardware for you

From espagnolette handles and butterfly hinges, to multipoint Euro Cylinder locks, sash window cords and pulleys, we’ll meet your design specification or help you choose the right hardware and ironmongery for your joinery – and budget. Here’s a selection of product categories that we have to know about:

  • Door furniture
  • Locks and security fixtures
  • Window hardware
  • Hinges
  • Aluminium joinery hardware
  • Architectural ironmongery
  • Gate and estate hardware

That’s just the start. Having identified the most suitable hardware for your joinery, there’s the little matter of material and finish. Rest assured that we’re fluent in all these hardware finishes and more:

  • Stainless steel
  • Graphite Nickel
  • Aluminium
  • Polished and antique brass
  • Satin or polished chrome
  • Antique black iron