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Abodo Timber: What Is Thermally Modified Timber?

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Abodo Timber: What Is Thermally Modified Timber?

At Joinery Solutions SW, we are committed to ensuring that our clients can enjoy the benefits of long-lasting timber windows and doors. We’re always looking at ways to improve what we do and make use of innovative technologies to improve the durability and aesthetic appeal of our timber products.

We have recently begun incorporating Abodo Vulcan timber into our windows and doors. This exciting, thermally modified timber product from New Zealand delivers exceptional levels of durability, even in the most challenging of conditions.

What is thermally modified timber and why is it a good choice for timber windows and doors?

What is thermally modified timber?

Thermally modified timber has undergone a wood treatment process that involves subjecting wood to very high temperatures in environments without oxygen. This is done to alter the chemical and physical properties of the wood, making it more stable, durable and resistant to decay.

The timber will usually be heated to temperatures between 160 to 240 degrees Celsius in a controlled environment. This removes moisture, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other substances from the wood.

Abodo have a unique thermal process that uses temperatures higher than typically used to achieve superior durability and stability. Purpose-built computer-controlled kilns are used to ensure every piece of timber is modified to the correct specification.

As a result of this specialist treatment, the chemical and physical properties of the wood are permanently changed. This gives the timber improved stability and resistance, making it less susceptible to pests and decay. Thermally modified timber also has a lower thermal conductivity compared to untreated wood, meaning it provides better insulation properties helping to maintain a more comfortable indoor environment.

Windows and doors made from thermally modified timber can play a key part in an overall energy efficiency strategy in older buildings.

A Durable & Carbon Negative Choice

Abodo have been at the forefront of developing high-quality timber products that are better for the natural environment. Their timber products are unique in not only being carbon negative but are also Class 1 when it comes to durability.

Class 1 is the highest level of durability a timber product can have. In above ground settings, such as windows and doors, it can be expected to last more than 40 years. Abodo Vulcan timber is made from thermally modified FSC certified New Zealand radiata pine and has a comparable durability to timber products such as teak, but without the negative environmental implications of tropical hardwoods.

Abodo timber has been developed to be carbon negative, ensuring that any products made from their materials is highly sustainable as well as durable.

Innovative Materials for Heritage Properties

At Joinery Solutions SW, we carefully adopt and integrate innovative materials such as Abodo Vulcan timber that can deliver improved performance while protecting the aesthetic integrity of heritage properties.

Each window and door is handcrafted in our workshop using only the finest materials and techniques then installed by our expert team. We can also provide ongoing maintenance so ensure the maximum longevity of your products.

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