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Enhance Your New Build With Timber Windows And Doors

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Enhance Your New Build With Timber Windows And Doors

It’s often believed that timber windows and doors are only fitted in period properties, particularly those that are listed or otherwise protected. They add character to a property and can help to protect the overall look and appearance of an older property.

However, timber windows and doors are increasingly popular in new build developments. With new developments being built across the South West, developers need to find ways to differentiate their properties from the competition. If you’ve recently purchased a newly built property, you may be wondering how you can improve its appearance, add character and make your mark.

One way is through fitting modern timber windows. These can be traditional or contemporary styles, reflecting the tastes, preferences and design of the property.

Why should developers or owners of newly built properties consider fitting timber windows and doors into their properties rather than alternatives like uPVC?

Adding Kerb Appeal

There’s no denying that timber windows and doors have real kerb appeal. They make a home stand out alongside properties with uPVC windows and doors. Wood is a natural, aesthetically pleasing material that has been used for centuries. Timber windows and doors have charm, character and individuality that other materials cannot compete with.

In fact, because of the appeal of timber windows and doors, it’s increasingly possible to purchase uPVC products that to some degree mimic the look and feel of wood. This speaks to the timeless popularity of wood as the optimal material for windows and doors.

Many premium developments have timber windows as part of the initial design, with buyers increasingly concerned about the aesthetics of developments. The popularity of developments such as Poundbury in Dorset and Nansledan in Cornwall reflects the growing interest in traditional building techniques and materials.

Timber windows can also be made to measure in a wide variety of styles and can be painted any colour. This again gives property owners the chance to personalise and add character to their home. There is also a large choice of door and window hardware to choose from.

Style & Longevity

Timber windows and doors will typically last significantly longer than uPVC, and as a result, will usually come with a longer guarantee. When the guarantee comes to an end this rarely means that the doors will need to be immediately replaced. Timber windows and doors can be renovated, maintained and restored to prolong their life. With proper care and maintenance, timber windows and doors can last for decades. This combination of style and longevity makes timber windows and doors an attractive option.

A Renewable Material

Wood is a renewable material. As well as lasting for decades with proper maintenance, commercial timber is increasingly sourced from sustainable forestry making it an environmentally friendly choice. There are fewer dangerous polluting chemicals involved in the production of timber windows and doors, and they have a lower carbon footprint than their uPVC equivalents.

With construction looking to lower its carbon footprint and become more sustainable, timber is likely to be increasingly used as a window and door material in new build properties.

Outstanding Performance

As well as having a classic, elegant appearance, timber windows and doors are highly energy efficient. Wood is a natural insulator and has a lower thermal conductivity than other materials, meaning that it doesn’t easily transfer cold or heat. This helps to create a stable indoor temperature. Wood also expands and contracts less as temperatures change compared to other materials, reducing the risk of gaps opening around the window frame.

This outstanding performance gives wood windows and doors a real advantage over uPVC and other alternatives.

Handcrafted Timber Windows and Doors from Joinery Solutions

Joinery Solutions SW can design, and install timber windows and timber doors that add kerb appeal and character to new build properties.

We work with newly built property owners on single properties and with developers on multiple properties, to design windows and doors that meet your specific needs and requirements. Each window and door is then handcrafted in our workshop using only the finest materials and techniques. The windows and doors are then installed by our expired team, and we can provide ongoing maintenance so it lasts for years to come.

Contact us to find out more about contemporary handcrafted windows and doors.

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