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A Guide to LandVac Vacuum Glazing

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A Guide to LandVac Vacuum Glazing

Vacuum glazing has been available for a couple of decades, evolving over that time to create highly energy-efficient glazing units. LandVac is the next generation of tempered vacuum-insulated glass. It has been developed by LandGlass and is available in the UK via a select network of trusted distributors. 

It has been designed to provide superior thermal insulation and soundproofing when compared to traditional double-glazing methods. It achieves this through an exclusive low-temperature sealing technology that makes it unique on the market. With no compromise when it comes to strength and safety, LandVac vacuum glazing is increasingly the leading choice for achieving high thermal efficiency and performance. 

Because of its thermal efficiency, it is an increasingly popular choice in period properties where it can form a part of a broader strategy to improve the building’s overall energy efficiency.

In this short guide, we take a look at the benefits of LandVac Vacuum Glazing and why we believe it’s a discerning choice for homeowners.

What are the benefits of LandVac Vacuum Glazing?

LandVac vacuum glazing has a range of benefits over some of the alternatives. These include:

  • Vacuum Insulation

LandVac uses a vacuum gap between two layers of glass. This significantly reduces heat transfer through convection and conduction giving it excellent thermal insulation properties. This makes it a highly energy-efficient choice, practically eliminating the possibility of condensation and providing extra safety in the case of shattering. 

  • Energy Efficiency

One of the key advantages of LandVac vacuum glazing is the outstanding energy efficiency that vacuum insulation can deliver. If you’re used to ‘leaky’ single or double-glazed windows, then installing LandVac vacuum glazing should make a significant difference. Over time, these energy efficiency savings can be substantial. 

  • Thin Profile

LandVac glazing has a slim and lightweight profile when compared to other types of conventional double-glazing without compromising on strength. This gives it greater design flexibility, and it can be beneficial for retrofitting existing window frames. The sleek and slim design of LandVac glazing is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it also increases the amount of natural light it allows into the room. 

  • Acoustic Insulation

As well as its excellent thermal insulation properties, LandVac also has exceptional soundproofing capabilities. This is because the vacuum layer acts as a barrier to sound transmission making it an excellent choice for anyone looking to reduce noise impact from outside. If you’re looking to ensure that your home remains a sanctuary from the outside world, then the soundproofing properties of LandVac vacuum glazing can help you achieve your goals.

  • Transparency

LandVac glass has excellent transparency which ensures that natural light is able to penetrate the windows without loss of clarity or distortion. This makes it highly desirable for a range of architectural purposes and also reduces the need for artificial lighting. LandVac vacuum glazing gives you a clear view of the outside world and increases the sense of space in the room. 

  • Condensation Prevention

The vacuum between the glass layers dramatically reduces the potential for condensation to form inside the windows, which can be a problem in older-style windows and in older properties. This is one of the key attractions of LandVac vacuum glazing for many of our clients, eliminating the inconvenience and problems associated with moisture build-up. 

  • Safety

LandVac vacuum glazing provides high levels of safety in a range of settings. In the event of a breakage, the vacuum layer helps hold the glass fragments in place, reducing the risk of shattering and injury. 

  • Long Lasting

Peak performance, LandVac vacuum glazing has been designed with longevity in mind. It comes with a 15-year warranty, making it an exceptional choice if you’re looking for durability. When you invest in LandVac, you can be confident your windows will still be looking good and performing well for years to come. 

Overall, we believe that LandVac vacuum glazing provides property owners with excellent thermal and sound insulation, great design, durability and safety features. While LandVac can be more expensive than other options, the savings over time from reduced energy bills and its extended lifespan can make it a cost-effective choice.

The next generation of thermal glazing from Joinery Solutions SW

At Joinery Solutions SW, we’re committed to making the highest quality glazing products available for our customers. We supply and fit LandVac vacuum glazing for a wide range of clients who want to improve the thermal insulation, soundproofing, safety and appearance of their windows

Our experienced and friendly team are always on hand to answer any questions you may have. Contact us if you’d like to find out more about LandVac vacuum glazing, receive a quote or seek further advice.

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