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Sash Windows Repair or Replacement Price Comparison

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Sash Windows Repair or Replacement Price Comparison

Sash windows are a beautiful addition to any home, offering a subtle touch of elegance and architectural charm. Like any window though, they aren’t immune to general wear and tear, so if your sash windows are no longer looking their best, you may be wondering whether you should get them repaired, or just replace them completely.

In this article, the Joinery Solutions team is going to look at both sides of the repair vs replace debate, looking at how much each would cost so you can make an informed decision.


Sash Window Repair & Replacement Price Comparison

Service Cost
Sash window sill replacement £225-£405
Sill splice £162-£270
Stiles and front cheeks £144-£270
Overhaul £262-£432
Sash rail replacement £162-£270
Sash window replacement £1872-£3042


The difference between a repair and a replacement

Usually, when it comes to sash windows, a repair will involve replacing or fixing specific aspects of the window frame, such as the sash, the sill, the front cheeks and the sash rail. By contrast, a replacement will involve replacing the entire window pane and potentially the entire frame too.

How do I know whether my sash window needs repairing or replacing?

If you’re not sure whether your sash window needs repairing or replacing, don’t worry. During your initial consultation with us, we can assess the damage to your sash window and advise on what the most cost-effective course of action will be. While a repair would be ideal, it’s not always feasible and could end up costing you more in the long run if you need to get a full replacement not so far down the line.

To give you an idea of what a repair or a replacement might cost you, we have listed rough prices for all of our sash window repair services, and our full replacement service.

Sash window repair prices

There’s no one-size-fits-all price when it comes to repairs, simply because sash window damage can vary in terms of size, position and severity. With this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the different sash window repairs that we offer and how much we would charge.

Sash window sill replacement (£225-£405): if your window sill has become damaged, we can replace that for you. The exact price of the sill replacement will depend on whether it is softwood or hardwood and the extent of the repair itself. Note that the price is for one window sill.

Sill splice (£162-£270): we tend to recommend a sill splice when a full replacement wouldn’t be cost effective.

Stiles and front cheeks (£144-£270): we offer stile and front cheek repairs normally when window sill sections rot and spread up the frame, but the overall frame itself is still healthy and worth saving.

Sash replacement (£360-£720): the cost of your sash replacement will ultimately depend on the size of your windows, the type of wood and whether it has been primed or undercoated.

Overhaul (£262-£432): An overhaul involves replacing cords, counterbalancing and making sure the window travels smoothly. We’ve based this price roughly on a medium-sized window.

Sash rail replacement (£162-£270): we usually offer sash rail replacements when they succumb to rot but the damage doesn’t warrant a full sash replacement.

Sash window replacement prices

Sash window replacement (£1872-£3042): we can supply sash windows both glazed or unglazed, and we can also provide your sash windows at any stage of finishing, depending on the needs of your project, so simply let us know your preferences and we will accommodate them.

Joinery Solutions is one of the leading bespoke joinery companies in the South West, including areas such as Exeter, Newton Abbot and Kingsbridge. If your sash windows have become damaged and you’re not sure whether you need a repair or a replacement, simply give our team a call.

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