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Timber Sash Windows

Our Timber Sash Windows Services

Traditional joinery craftsmanship and modern materials meet the timeless aesthetic of timber sash windows for beauty, performance and longevity

Specialists In Timber Sash Windows

Timber sash windows are a treasured feature of Britain’s – and South West England’s – architectural heritage. From our South Devon base we support specifiers, property developers, builders and homeowners who appreciate the aesthetics, functionality and sustainability of the traditional box sash window.

Every window we make or repair in our Devon joinery workshop is bespoke. Each carefully-crafted piece is designed specifically for you, then lovingly handcrafted in our FENSA-approved workshop – complete with dedicated joinery spray booth and drying room. You get the window specification you want, compatibility with current or planned building aesthetics and the reassuring future performance associated with sliding sash windows.

We do more than just design, manufacture and restore wooden sash windows and other joinery. Our sister company can also install and maintain your joinery products. They’ve an enviable reputation for looking after South Devon’s residential and commercial properties.

Trust the craftsmanship of our skilled joinery team and one of the most versatile and aesthetically pleasing materials available. Now add our in-house workshop and reliable local installers. The result is quality, durability, creativity and peace of mind as we meet your needs from design and manufacture to fitting and maintenance.

More about timber sash windows

A modern, well-equipped joinery workshop and skilled team means we can make most timber sash window types. You’ll find us in Newton Abbot, South Devon – perfectly located to service South West England – feel free to arrange an appointment to visit us.

Our workshop is where we handcraft your made-to-order joinery project – whether it’s a timber sash window repair or a set of double-glazed vertical sliders with A-rated glazing and modern security hardware.

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Bespoke timber sash windows – the benefits

As with any bespoke joinery, our timber sash windows offer important advantages:

  • Exactly the window you want
  • Made to measure (and match)
  • Your choice of timber and finish
  • Bespoke window furniture and glazing
  • Unique to your property
  • Sympathetic with new and restoration works
  • Manufactured to last

Double-glazed timber sliding sash windows offer several benefits over traditional single-glazed vertical sliders:

  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Better sound insulation
  • Fewer rattles
  • Enhanced security
  • Easier maintenance

Crafted to your specification

We design, make and fit bespoke timber sash windows with several supply options:

  • Supply only (you measure)
  • Measurement and supply
  • Supply and fit
  • Supply, fit and create openings

Look forward to a seamless, professional service throughout measurement, bespoke manufacture, fitting and associated structural work.

Types of timber sash windows

If you have a particular timber sash window style in mind, we can almost certainly manufacture it in our workshop. Here are some possibilities:

  • Barless sashes
  • Centre bar sash windows
  • Triple-light Venetian sashes
  • Flush timber sash windows
  • Full- and half Georgian sash windows
  • Swept head sash windows
  • Sliding sash bay windows

Naturally, whether we’re crafting new bespoke timber sashes or restoring existing windows, we can meet any profile for bars, mouldings or the sash horns (‘sash joggles’) that add extra rigidity to sashes. From ovolo and ‘putty bead’, to bevelled and lambs tongue profiles, we’ll hand make exactly what’s right for your period or contemporary box sash window.

Timber for sash windows

A huge choice of timber is available for your custom-built timber sash windows. We’ll help you choose a suitable sustainable wood from softwoods, hardwoods and advanced timbers such as these:

  • Douglas Fir
  • Maple
  • Teak
  • European and American White Oak
  • Merenti
  • Idigbo
  • Accoya®

Naturally, we can source wood to your specification or recommend a suitable material based on long joinery experience.

What is Accoya?

Accoya® is an advanced timber from Accys Technologies. Their proprietary process makes Accoya® very durable, strong and rot resistant. Dimensional stability, suitability for diverse finishes and FSC-certified sustainability makes Accoya® particularly good for window joinery.

Finishes for timber sash windows

After thorough timber preservation and priming, high-quality commercial spraying in our joinery spray booth gives beautiful, long-lasting finishes:

  • Oiling
  • Staining
  • Varnishing
  • Painting (including microporous acrylics)

Our long experience with paint systems such as Teknos means you can be sure your timber sashes will look great and last long into the future. What colour do you need? With 1625 RAL Design choices available (and colours from other leading paint brands) we can meet any finishing brief.

Would you like different internal and external colours and finishes? Must the finish match existing decoration? Either way, our spray booth makes it possible.

By supplying joinery beautifully finished and ready to install, you avoid time-consuming on-site finishing. Our own spray booth also gives us perfect control over finishing and its integration with the rest of joinery manufacturing.

Window furniture and sash window glazing

Suitable window furniture is part of the appeal of modern and traditional sash windows. Simple centre catches may have been right for Victorian sash windows. However, with demand for better functionality and security, a wide range of modern sash window hardware is now available.

From Brighton Fasteners to sophisticated locking travel-limiters, every discreet convenience and security is available for new and heritage timber sash windows.

  • Sash window fasteners
  • Sash locks
  • Tilt and travel restrictors
  • Sash lifts and handles
  • Sash eyes and rings
  • Traditional sash pulls
  • Sash rings

A similarly choice applies to sash window glazing:

  • Single glazing
  • Double glazing
  • Acoustic glazing
  • Heritage glazing
  • Laminated and toughened glass
  • Obscure glass for improved privacy
  • Other speciality glazing

Whether we’re replacing glass in heritage single glazed sash windows or upgrading to slim line double-glazed vertical sliders, just tell us what’s needed.

New or restored timber sash windows

Depending on the project, you may need new timber sash windows or restored windows. For the former, we’ll help design your specification from scratch – covering everything from size, glazing configuration, glass, hardware, timber and finishing. Alternatively, where sash window refurbishment is involved, we’ll show how bespoke joinery skills can help.

For many projects, thorough professional sash window renovation breathes new life into old windows and avoids replacement. We often work with our sister company (they’re established property maintainers) to restore sash windows. This typically includes the following:

  • Professional timber repair
  • Staff, parting bead and rail repairs
  • Cleaning, priming and refinishing
  • Draught proofing with modern sash brushes
  • Repairing cords, pulleys, weights and balances
  • Repair/upgrade of window hardware
  • Sash adjustment, rehanging and rebalancing
  • Upgraded security

Do you need a full window set or restoration of a fixed sash window that’s been painted shut? Either way, our joinery team can help.

Maintaining our sash window heritage

Rest assured that, whether supplying new builds, restoring original sash windows in listed property, or working in conservation areas, we’ve already supported similar heritage projects.

Wooden double-glazed timber sash windows

Converting single-glazed sash and case windows to double glazing is a great way to enjoy acoustic, thermal efficiency and security benefits. Then there’s the lower maintenance that comes with properly prepared and finished modern timbers – including game-changing Accoya®.

And, of course, you retain the timeless appeal of beautiful box sashes. We offer a full range of measurement, manufacture and fitting options including these:

  • New timber sashes in an existing case.
  • Reinstated timber sashes if metal or uPVC windows were fitted previously.
  • Manufacture and supply of new sash cases and sashes if original sash cases don’t exist.

For window sash replacement or any bespoke joinery, we can do any permutation of measurement, manufacture, opening creation and installation. Again, just tell us what you need.

Of course, when we make your double-glazed bespoke sash windows, you can specify exactly the glazing you need – including thermally-efficient A-rated double glazing with warm-edge technology to counter peripheral heat loss.

How much do timber sash windows cost?

How much should you invest in your bespoke timber sash windows? It depends on your specification. For example, are we repairing a couple of single-glazed sashes or crafting a houseful of double-glazed wooden sash windows?

From timber and glazing to fixtures and finishes, we don’t know the meaning of ‘one-size-fits-all’. That’s why our joinery is bespoke. And why we’ll only prepare your quotation after thoroughly understanding your needs and specification.